G. Mendozza Mandolin, Naples, Italy from 1905 for sale, 300€/3000 NOK original case included.

Playing the Mendozza mandolin at Bandon Walled Town Festival, Ireland 2014 with fidler Paolo Barone:



The Mandolin repertoire taught is Bluegrass, Irish/ Scottish Traditional Music and Classical Music. Loads of fun, beauty and good practice habits. Bring:

Mandolin with fairly new strings (less than 3 months). If you got old strings and don’t know how to change them, bring a new set and learn how to change them. A shoulder strap is also recommended, as it makes playing far more easy and enjoyable.

Flat Picks (several between 0.63 – 1 mm thickness, so you can start searching for your preferred thickness and shape).

Tuner (a clip-on tuner is recommended, being handy and inexpensive).

Metronome (mechanical ones are recommended with their higher volume).

Pen & Paper. Write down the tips and the notes to support memory. ABC notation, Tablature (Tabs) or Notes as you prefer.

Recording device if you got one (Most mobile phones usually got a built-in recorder nowadays. If you got a smart phone, you can also download both Tuner and Metronome Apps for free). The best way to pick up tunes is by ear. As a lesson is not always long enough to learn a new tune by heart, a recording helps you remember it until you can play the tune fluently. It also contains information than can’t be written down, like tone quality, phrasing and flow (the timing of the notes can be written down, but not the underlying rhythmical flow that makes it come alive).


Mandolin resource pages:

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