Open Airs – Listen and Buy

You can listen to, download and order the album HERE       

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About the album:                 

“In 2011, I quit my job, bought a banjo and hit the road on a Vespa 125 scooter, heading for Ireland. Open Airs reflects the landscapes, impressions and personalities encountered when traveling the great north and its islands.”

Hope you like it!  /Kyrre

Praise for the album:

Right from the first note this album produces such evocative gentle music that it’s almost like listening to something spiritual… easy to mistake Slind’s playing for the expert fingers of Martin Simpson, he has that same relaxed but masterful style…” Danny Farragher,

“…delicate inspiration… simplicity and divinity in one arc of music.” – Liverpool Sound and Vision 

“…a very appealing disc, a rare beast of a thoroughly charming all-instrumental album.” – David Kidman, Fatea

“…haunting and extremely skillfull recordings of guitars, entwined with lute, bass and voice.”  – Scots Magazine